Sunday, May 7, 2017


- No cheating (including exploiting)
- No discriminatory language
- No sharing/revealing another player's personal information (name, city, profession, etc)
- Structures on quetz platforms must not extend below the platform (exception for ramps)


Structures Plus
ArkParty Credits
ArkParty Structures
ArkParty Textra
ArkParty NoGrab
ArkParty Stacks
ArkParty Desert Engrams



- Alpaca (Owner & Mod Author)
- Chetter Sleeze

Admins play on this server but are forbidden from using their admin abilities for any purpose other than server maintenance.

A lot of time and money goes into server maintenance and mod creation, so admins expect to be able to play here. That means you can expect admins to pvp, raid, and cry in chat about being raided.

48 Hour Raid Protection

This is only for new tribes. To qualify as a new tribe, all players in the tribe must be new to the server. This can only be used during the first 48 hours on the server.

If you want this protection, you must put the tag [48hr] in your tribe name. The protection only extends to the immediate area around your main base. Expect to be killed and harassed out in the world. Attacking another base (including shooting players near their base) will invalidate your protection.

Spirit Torch takes a different approach to raiding. We don't think raiding (even offline) is that bad as long as it is not extremely punishing to the tribe being raided.

One of the biggest punishments from being raided is the loss of dinos. With that in mind, we have created the spirit torch item (can be found in your engrams).

Each tribe is allowed one lit spirit torch at a time. A lit torch will add an option to nearby dinos allowing them to be sent to the spirit realm. In order to enter the spirit realm, a dino must be passive, riderless, and near a lit tribe owned torch.

While in the spirit realm, dinos become transparent, have no collision, and take no damage. However, while in the spirit realm, dinos can have their inventories accessed by anyone regardless of tribe.

The goal is that your dinos will still be there even if you get raided, but you can't position them like an indestructible wall or hide items in their inventories.


- 5x Gather, Taming, Growing, and Experience
- PvP
- Gamma
- Damage Numbers

- 20x Weight Gain Per Level
- 4x Fortitude Gain Per Level
- 2x Oxygen Gain Per Level
- 0.5x Food and Water Consumption
- 2x Oxygen Swim Speed Modifier

- Difficulty 5.0
- 10x Weight Gain Per Level
- 25x Hatching and Maturation (10x Imprint Frequency)
- Fliers Cannot Grab Players
- +Flight Speed (Variable by Dino)
- +20% Giga Damage
- +20% Giga Resistance

- 50% Reduced Damage
- 2x Decay Rate

- 10 Player Limit

- Disabled Handcuffs
- 10,000 Engram Points at Lvl 100

Supply Crates
 - White: Tools, Bows, Food, Desert Cloth, Ghillie, SCUBA
 - Green: Eggs
 - Blue: Bows, Food, Desert Cloth, Ghillie, SCUBA
 - Purple: Guns and Armor (2 items)
 - Yellow: Saddles (30% chance for blueprint)
 - Red: Guns and Armor (4 items)


Q: When does the server wipe?
A: As long as we have an average of 10 players, the server will not wipe.

Q: What is the level cap?
A: The level cap is identical to the level cap on official servers.

Q: Is offline raiding allowed?
A: Yes. We encourage you to use the spirit torch to protect your dinos.

Q: Is there raid protection after my base was raided?
A: No.

Q: Will admins raid me?
A: Possibly. Admins play on this server but they do so under the same rules as other players.

Q: Can I kill or raid admins?
A: Yes. If admins didn't want PvP, they would have made this a PvE server.

Q: What will happen if I kill or raid an admin?
A: The exact same thing that can happen if you raid any other player.

Q: Why can't I grab players with my flyer?
A: This server disables grabbing players with flyers. The goal is to make PvP more varied by encouraging the use of ground animals.

Q: Why can't I get weapon and armor blueprints from supply crates?
A: With blueprints, good items flood a server. By disabling weapon and armor blueprints, each item gathered from a supply crate has more value.

Q: Why are handcuffs disabled?
A: The counter to cages and handcuffs is to starve to death. With reduced food and water consumption, this made handcuffs too strong.

Q: Why isn't my tame/baby eating?
A: Wildcard optimized game timers in February. This optimization has introduced various bugs with eating.

Q: What can I do if my tame/baby isn't eating?
A: Leave render distance (all players in the area must do this) and return.